Cork is an Amazing Building Insulator

Denver Cork – Your local Thermal CorkShield™ spraying experts. As a subsidiary of Poulsen Brothers Painting our experienced team will help you with your Cork project from Step One to Step DONE!

Certified & Fully Insured, we currently cover the following cities: Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, Westminster, Aurora, Centennial, Lakewood, and all other cities in the surrounding front range of Colorado.

We Use VIPEQ Thermal CorkShield™

Why Spray Cork?


Thermal CorkShield™ is extremely resistant to harsh conditions, only fading 1% – 2% annually. One on the natural properties of cork is it will never reach a freezing point even after being submerged in liquid nitrogen.

Fire Retardant

Cork is a naturally fire retardant material that will not release incandescent particles nor will the flames propagate. It slows or stops the spread of fire or reduces its intensity.(learn more)


Thermal CorkShield™ does not shed its fibers, reducing dust build up. It is an ideal product for anyone who suffers with Allergies or Athsma